$2.8-b Mon Coal-fired Power Plant Suspended

1 February 2016 | Phyo Thu | Myanmar Business Today

The 1,280-MW Anndin coal-fired power plant project in Ye township, Mon state, has been suspended following protests by local residents.

The environmental and social impact assessments (EIA/SIA) of the project have also been postponed and will only start if the local residents agree to the project, U Aung Than Oo, deputy minister for electric power, told a recent parliament meeting.

The project has faced vehement local opposition since May 2015 as locals fear that the plant would destroy the environment and adversely impact the local communities’ livelihoods such as fishing and farming. Also, almost all the generated electricity are planned to be exported to neighbouring Thailand, rendering minimal benefit for the local communities.

“We couldn’t start the power plant project because the locals are protesting against it,” Mon State Minister for Electric Power U Min Nwe Soe told Myanmar Business Today.

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