Report: The Salween Basin Darebauk River Bank

20 September 2015
Core Partners: Paung Ku, REAM, TERRA, MEE Net
These assessments were conducted to study about the ecology and socio-economy of two villages in Dayabauk River bank: Kalwe Village in Chaung Zon Township, Belukyun Island; and Ahlat Village tract, Paung Township. The research was carried out for two months, May to June in 2015. The regions are well-known for fresh and marine water fisheries and communities rely on the river, so the research addresses the communities’ life style and livelihood. The quantitative and qualitative data were collected from both villages and surrounding areas. The status of biodiversity, socio-economy, and ecology of river system were studied.  A total of 22 species of fishes from Darebauk River and, 47 species of macro-fauna in the banks of the river and 15 species of mangrove plants were collected within the study areas. Estuarine environment experienced the dynamic hydro-sedimentation mostly at the river mouth. At present, erosion is happening on the northern bank of Chaung Zon Township, Belukyun Island and, sediment accumulations are occurring on the southern bank of the Ahlat Village tract, Paung Township. This condition has been happening for ten years. Local people are trying to adapt to the environmental and consequent changes of socio-economy and livelihoods. Nowadays, the local populaces of the Kalwe and Ahlat villages are facing the problems of decreasing fish production in the river. Local people think that these phenomena are due to over-exploitation, changing the water direction, sediment accumulation and the use of latest fishing technique. Consequently, the livelihoods and socio-ecological status were also changed in the areas. The present study aims to collect and analyze the basic data to somehow improve the status of socio-economy and livelihoods of the local stakeholder.